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Illegal building of neighbour

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Topic: Illegal building of neighbour
Posted By: enchelon
Subject: Illegal building of neighbour
Date Posted: 07-Jun-2021 at 18:56
Hello everyone,

anyone can explain how it works with complaints and legal measures regarding neighbour with construction of residential object breaching the urban development plan, additionally violation of construction into my plot.

where can I complain? is it worth filing a report with

I suspect the local munipicality, including the inspectors are corrupted.

Any recommendation of a law firm skillful in these issues is highly appreciated.


Posted By: Cloverstack
Date Posted: 08-Jun-2021 at 11:27

For the breaching of the the urban development plan, definitely fill a report, plus write to the municipality regardless of weather they are corrupt. If that doesn't help, a bit of media attention makes it politically costly for them and tends to force them to act. But make sure that you have proof that you contacted the authorities first, to deprive them of any excuses.

If additionally your property rights are being breached, then of course it is a matter for the courts. Unfortunately I dont know a law firm to recommend, hopefully someone else will do that.

Posted By: enchelon
Date Posted: 09-Jun-2021 at 19:38
Thanks for the reply

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