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Non-Profit Organization Seeking Assistance

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Topic: Non-Profit Organization Seeking Assistance
Posted By: MKballer
Subject: Non-Profit Organization Seeking Assistance
Date Posted: 30-Jun-2010 at 03:16
Hello All,
I am in the process of starting a non-profit organization that will help build schools for impoverished children in Eastern Europe.  Being Macedonian, I think Macedonia will be the best place to build the first school (since communication will be easy and I have been to many cities there before).  Can someone help me with getting in contact with somebody in the Ministry of Education?

Thank You!

Posted By: Max
Date Posted: 27-Nov-2014 at 12:25

Hi MKb any update, probably its not simple to start such thing even as idea, and most what can be done as a sole initiative is to make few projects so you could raise some starting funds, at least so you could manage and bring together all the parties on table - including the government representatives etc.


personally I would start with smaller agenda eg. summer camps at local villages thus pulling in same time attention from the media and later normally some filantrop, although if you have already millionaire on your list use his attention so he could bring more friends on board


rural organic orphanage or commune would be ideal concept, with 10ha or at least 5ha where those children could be educated about sustainable life style along all the other classic knowledge, maybe with Montessori approach [ - 1 ]

i can say just God Bless because there is non higher human action on this world than having will to help the homeless, especially those abandoned or molested poor children... even as Idea this is enough to trigger future initiatives, at least as summer camps if not full year schools, and if not regionally for sure locally although if there is some like minded ngo-balkan-umbrella one will need just to pass on the idea and transfer any good practice... also leave some room for voluntarism [ - 1 ] or even better for profitable action (organic or inorganic ) move that can push additional free advertising of this idea makig people more and more aware about the situation if not about the consequence of not having room for empathy   

tell me is Mike Ilich stil owner of detroit tigers and red wings, you could also reach him on macedonian base, he is born i think in Bitola

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